Our grandfather, Natale, had a small farm of 3 hectares near Lucignano where his family had lived for several generations.
Primo, our father, guided the growth of the business to its current size of 100 hectares located across the Sienese and Aretine regions of the Chiana Valley in locations which were primarily devoted to growing grains.
We, the children Paola and Susanna, were already involved in the farms before the early death of our father and have been focusing over the last 10 years in modernizing the enterprise, broadening the production and reducing the environmental impact. 

As part of this evolution of our enterprise, the move to organic farming was seen as a natural progression, not simply to return to the past for nostalgic reasons but out of concern for the environment and to minimize the risk of exhausting the land, which is where the conventional farming techniques were heading, and to minimize the risk to ourselves and those who eat our products. 
Currently, the Agricola Cepina enterprise manages 11 hectares of Chianti and Igt vineyards and, 2 hectares of olives and other farms producing grains and vegetables. 

In our endeavours to modernize and diversify further our business, we couldn’t ignore the opportunity to undertake “Agri-turismo” initiatives, necessitating the provision of buildings accommodating groups ranging from 2 to 20 people.